How To Enjoy Valentine's Day Even If Single

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Valentine's Day has long ceased to be just a day for romantic love and couples, pink, hearts and serenades. February 14th should be celebrated by any woman, single or not, and I don't mean that in the "sending yourself flowers or cards".

Being single on Valentine's Day is not a drama, but an opportunity to pamper yourself and make a whole day out of it. Plus, there's nothing you're losing, particularly since men today continue to have absolutely no clue when it comes to choosing a great meaningful Valentine's Day sort of gift.

So, here's how to enjoy your Valentine's Day with yourself:

Wake Up Late

Yes, this year Valentine's Day is a work day, but I bet there's something you could do to get out of work for the day. So, wake up late, snuggle in your warm bed until you feel ready to enjoy the sunshine. Read a book, enjoy a bath with aromatherapy, go shopping online or listen music, do yoga, cook, do everything you'd like to.

Pay Your Hairdresser a Visit

Remember what I said earlier about pampering yourself? Well, why not go for something new for the day and ask your hairdresser for a nice new hair due. While you're at the saloon add to the list a manicure and pedicure. Go wild, girl!

Enjoy a Spa Session

There's nothing better to relax you than a nice time at a spa. Get a full treatment and enjoy your new healthy and glowing look.

Hit the Stores

There's nothing like a good shopping session to completely relax you. Even if you're not planning to get undressed on Valentine's night, it's fun and surely worthwhile down the road to browse some sexy lingerie stores. Victoria's Secret has a beautiful collection intended particularly for the day.

 Have Dinner With Friends

Nowadays is hard enough to enjoy a night out with friends, and wasting an amazing opportunity is really a shame. Call out your girls, single or not, and go explore a new restaurant and cuisine.

But if the suggestions listed above don't look like something you'd like to do, then prepare the day in advance and enjoy your time reading good books, drinking a good wine and having a fine cuisine.

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