A SAG Lifetime Achievement Award for Mary Tyler Moore

10:50 PM

“MTM. There’s probably not a person in the civilized world who doesn’t know what that means” started Dick Van Dyke his speech before Mary Tyler Moore was given the SAG lifetime achievement award. Her winning this valuable award reminded everybody how great Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore were together on TV.

They played in the Dick Van Dyke Show the part of a married couple, and their performance was so good the audience immediately fell in love with their pretend marriage. They got standing ovations from their fellow colleagues and Van Dyke even managed to steal a kiss.

But Mary Tyler Moore received the SAG lifetime achievement award particularly for her own show. The Mary Tyler Moore Show was a hit back in the 70's. 

"“I was Mary Tyler Moore. I spoke it out loud. Mary Tyler Moore. It sounded right so I wrote it down on the form, and it looked right".  “It was right. SAG was happy, my father was happy, and tonight, after having the privilege of working in this business among the most creative and talented people imaginable, I too am happy, after all".

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