Tips On Preparing For Oshawa Macrobiotic Diet Number 7

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Having a healthy diet is a must with today's stressful lifestyles, negative vibes, bossy people, artificial food and virtually no personal time for exercise. The fact is that after 8 to 12 hours at work, at least another one on the way back home, another few spent shopping for groceries, cleaning the home, paying bills, washing clothes, wasting time on facebook/twitter or google, you are left with a shockingly small amount of time. Virtually no time at all, considering that you've got what, let's say 6 hours 'till waking up and starting another working day.

Being always on the run and at others disposal, means cutting on your health needs. This means mostly delivered food, from Chinese To Mexican and American pizza, salty snacks, fast-foods and sweets. Basically, the more calories the said food has, the bigger the energy boost. Let's not forget about drinks. Energy drinks are at their highest and people are drinking huge amounts of basically tons of sugar and coffeine mixed with water. Then, there's coffee... This got to be such an addiction that it is close to developing it's own gene in the DNA. Fizzy drinks are also vital to quench our thirst, not to mention alcoholic beverages. While having these from time to time might not be dangerous to your overall health, in time and with regular consumption, you will develop some side effects. And really now, forget a moment about the revolutionary concept of Live the Moment, do any of the items mentioned above really look or taste like they are healthy?

Regular consumption of junk food and fizzy energy drinks will most likely result in some problems later on. Now add to those smoking, drinking alcohol, busy lifestyle, no actual exercising and 12 hours each day spent in front of a computer. We are bombarded with noise, with pollution, with artificial food, with radiations from every gadget we're using, we temporary treat our medical problems with tons of pills and we spend weeks caught in the city, without remembering how fresh air smells.

This post is not advocating a complete change of diet and lifestyle, but it does suggest that, considering all of the above, it would be better you do some minor changes or have a week of detox from time to time. Here's where Oshawa steps in.

I heard many people talking lately about following the Oshawa Macrobiotic Diet Number 7, primarily as a detox. While they where admiting the diet's health benefits, they would at the same time dread the upcoming 10 days. No smoking, no alcohol, no meat, no cheese, no juices, no coffee. Basically, it's grain all round. They made me curious, so I googled it and found the basic recipes and recommendations. At the first read, it seemed like a breeze. I love rice, so no problem there, I don't smoke (anymore) or drink coffee, alcohol and my regular daily diet consists of vegetables, grains and fruits with cheese and at times some chicken or fish meat.

I started preparing for the 10 days with cutting on cooked food, filled the fridge with fruits and tried some of the suggested recipes. I tried the wheat bread, baked wheat and boiled rice. I didn't set out and started the diet right away simply because I wanted to see if I was apt for it and whether I would hold on for 10 days on boiled rice and wheat bread. Basically, the daily diet for the first 5 days included boiled rice with raw avocado and two or three slices of wheat bread and for snacks I enjoyed some grapes, cherries and strawberries. What I most feared was the need of snacks between meals, even if I usually munch on a fruit. During the last two days I discovered that I could have two or three spoons of boiled rice or some baked wheat as snacks.

Obviously the first days you will feel hungry, even after just eating. It's all in your mind. So, I would suggest you investigate that feeling and see exactly what your body needs. If the feeling doesn't go away, then have two or three spoons of boiled rice and you'll be fine. Plus, it is important to fill your time. If you would usually have snacks while watching TV or playing video games then do something else. I mixed my diet with hula hooping and a jumping cord. It's fun, it's virtually cost free and you can do it in your home, listening to your favorite music, dressed as you please and barefooted.

My advice is to take it easy and don't expect a week of torture as you will miss out on what the whole idea is. Plus, I would say that if you feel like eating something, just think of the final outcome and the reason you are going through the Oshawa Macrobiotic Diet Number 7. If you can't succeed the first time, don't worry, don't panick. You did not fail, you actually tried it and hold on for a few days. Next time, try adding one more day and so on until you will have successfully survived the 10 days program.

Finally, don't think of this as a punishment for your body but as a break from everyday life and a most needed recovery time.

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