iPhone Stuff - A cool colorful game: Brave Beak

3:29 PM

We all love our iPhones, from music to pictures and internet browsing to PLAYING. And the best games for iPhone sometimes prove to be a little hard to find. But, with a little luck (from us) you'll stumble upon a really GREAT COLORFUL PLAYFUL & ADDICTIVE iPhone game. I'd dare to say you'll love this just as much as you love Angry Birds (feel free to disagree after you've played it).

Presenting BRAVE BEAK 

Here's the story:

As he hopped the trees on a remote island, watching the sun meet the friendly ocean, he saw a sparkling bottle reaching the sandy shore. It appeared to contain a message and upon opening the bottle, he unfolded the scroll inside.
On a squawking tone, it said:

“S.O.S.! Bad birds have kidnapped me and keep me prisoner on the Far Away Island. Somebody HELP!!! Princess"

He looked around, scouting the horizon. “There’s no time to waste!”, he thought. “Princess needs me and I will have no rest until I‘ll find her”.

He pecked for some insects and prepared the slingshot to cast him on his journey. But before launch, he grabbed the scroll and wrote his own message to send to the world: “Off to save Princess. PLS RT!!!”

Here's the official story and remember you'll find on iTunes and waste no time, go save the princess.

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