Coroner’s resignation fuels rumors about an illegal inquest in the Amy Winehouse case

10:44 AM

Although the official ruling was that Amy Winehouse’s death occurred due to accidental alcohol poisoning, a lot of fans believe the reality was different. And now that Suzanne Greenaway, the coroner who ruled the cause of death in the Amy Winehouse case, has resigned the rumors surged on doubts that the inquest was illegal.

According to Associated Press, Suzanne Greenaway resigned after her qualifications were questioned. Suzanne was appointed as assistant deputy coroner in London three years ago by Andrew Reid, her husband and fellow coroner. Authorities found out that she has been practicing the profession without being registered in U.K.

Suzanne Greenaway resigned in November’s last year, but her decision wasn’t published before this Wednesday.  Now that she resigned there are big chances that Amy Winehouse’s inquest will be annulled. That is if the singer’s family decides  to challenge the verdict in court.

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