DIY - Refurbish Old Boxes with Quilling

3:39 PM

If you need more storage room (who doesn't?) and would rather not spend that much money with that, then we have a solution. Whether you simply buy standard boxes, or refurbish old ones, we have a suggestion for you that will help you bring a personal and artsy touch.

Today's tutorial comes from Circul Magic Shop

You will need:
 a box
paper strips
toothpick / quilling tool
nail polish

So, let's start. First of all, decide whether you like the color your box has, or if you'd like something else. Circul Magic Shop works with a standard wood box painted over with two shades of blue. If you've got a different color in mind, then paint over it and leave it to dry. Meanwhile start with the actual decoration.

The technique used is named quilling. Basically it employs a lot of patience in rolling strips of papers in circles and some other shapes. For our project, we will use circles. Combine your colors every way you want. The more paper strips you add the bigger your circles will be. Glue your circles together and then glue them to your box. Apply some nail polish, leave it dry and then voila, your new box is ready. Use it for whatever: lipsticks, stick notes, needles, nail polish etc etc etc. Endless possibilities.

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