Make Her Happy On Valentine's Day - The Gifts

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It's not a surprise anymore. As much as you guys try, and some try hard, to find the right gift to sweep your girl off her feet, somehow you still mess it up. We won't start talking about how much us women talk and men don't listen. But we'll help you make her happy on Valentine's Day with some gift suggestions.

Diamonds are a go!

If you can afford a stunning rock and truly want to show her you're able to find an amazing gift then waste no time. But, before signing a check, remember there are some things about diamond jewelry you should remember. First of all think about the sort of jewelry you'll get her. A ring might send a message you might not be ready for, but a pair of diamonds and even a brooch (if she's into it) are good ideas.

Flowers are a must!

Even if you have already thought of a gift, don't make the huge mistake of not getting her flowers. And don't assume that one rose or a dozen will cut it. It's likely you'll impress her more if you get her a bouquet of the flowers she adores. Before buying them be sure you know what are her favorites flowers. Maybe ask her best friend about it.

A special gift goes a long way!

Men don't understand that on days such as Valentine's, women expect gifts that carry a hidden significance. Remember that all we want is love and attention, so a book isn't the best choice, at all. Except if you think she's out of things to throw at you.

Perfume might just cut it!

Women appreciate a very good perfume, particularly if it has a special fragrance. Go browse the stores and get her a perfume she's always wanted but never bought for herself.

Make a whole day out of it!

If you really want a Valentine's Day with a happy ending, particularly if you failed miserably at recent occasions, it's time to show her you do listen to her, even though she says you're not. Start the day with her favorite breakfast, leave her flowers on the bed and give her a ride to work. Make sure she wakes up smiling and as surprised she'll be, it won't take long to give you that big eyes look and a quite enigmatic smile. By the way that means she's pleasantly surprised and you just won a session of pampering.

Shopping Spree!

If you know she likes shopping (what woman doesn't?!) then get her a gift card for some serious acquisitions. Be sure you know what her favorite store is. You don't want to give her a K-Mart coupon!

Chocolate is a girl's best friend!

Some may argue that diamonds hold that status. But the truth is that quality heavenly chocolate is a solid win.

Take her out

A romantic dinner is the perfect way to end a busy work day. But on Valentine's Day it should be an essential aspect in the menu. Just avoid taking her to McDonald's for a romantic Happy Meal. If you can't afford a good intimate restaurant, then ask someone to help you cook her favorite.

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