Massages Confirmed to Be Beneficial By Scientists

4:05 AM

If so far you thought that having a massage every now and then is just for fun and relaxing, scientists give one other reason. With such good news you'll be able to better justify the huge bill for spa services.

The Science Translational Medicine Journal notes that there are about 18 million people throughout the United States who undergo therapeutic massage every year. A genetic study shows that these people aren't just wasting their money.

According to scientists from the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario, massages are now confirmed to be useful in reducing inflammation and spur cellular energy production in muscles.

Justin Crane of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging notes that "despite several reports that long-term massage therapy reduces chronic pain and improves range of motion in clinical trials, the biological effects of massage on skeletal muscle tissue remain unclear".

After scientists massaged 11 male athele volunteers who had exercised to exhaustion, they found out that the massaged muscle cells had higher activation of gene pathways that spur mitochondria, the powerhouses of cell.

So there you have it, no other reason to start looking for excuses to enjoy a massage. Now everybody knows it's healthy.

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