What To Wear On Valentine's Day

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There are several days a year that the ever famous dilemma of WHAT TO WEAR becomes urgent. With tons of clothes in the wardrobe and we still spend at least one hour trying to decide what to wear. You must know the routine.

Before actually opening the dresser, start thinking for at least half an hour what to wear. You space out while people around you ask what's going on. You finally settle on an outfit you find appropriate, until you actually put it on that is.

Now, change the blouse, change the pants, put the first blouse on again, change it with another top, ask yourself if you'd look better in a dress, but wait don't have matching shoes for the one dress you feel like wearing. A woman's life is full of dilemmas. And I didn't mention anything about putting on underwear. That's a whole other craziness.

But when it comes to Valentine's Day, be honest how much time do you actually waste going through piles of tops and jeans, dresses, shoes, bags, jewels, all sort of accessories and sexy lingerie? I know the answer. We're talking about at least one and a half hour.

To make dressing up for your date on Valentine's Day we put together several suggestions. Check them out and tell us what you think. Or give us your own idea of a Valentine's Day outfit.

Sexy & Confident ( as seen on Lookbook.nu - by Flavia D.)

Ripe Fruit In A Rainy Day(as seen here)
Yes, I'm sure!(H&M)
Better watch your steps(Stradivarius)
Successful but still delicate(H&M)
Sweet Candy(H&M)
Black is my thing;) (Bloomingdale)

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