Can you lose weight with chocolate?

2:25 PM

For people who love chocolate it's been quite a difficult time lately as their sweet tooth was in contradiction with everything the TV taught them: sugar is bad, it adds pounds and results in health issues down the line. But a new study gives a new side of the story. Apparently, you can actually lose weight with chocolate.

Scientists with the University of California, San Diego reached a staggering conclusion. They looked at people age 20 to 85 years old to see how their chocolate eating habit was impacting their health. To be more particular, these scientists were trying to find out whether or not it is possible that the antioxidants properties of chocolate would be the factors that lead to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood, not to mention losing weight.

Over 1,000 healthy adults have been interviewed by scientists regarding their eating habits and particularly how often they indulged in chocolate. The data showed that people who ate chocolate several times per week were in fact thinner than those who tried hard to stay away from it.

Lead researcher Dr. Beatrice Golomb explains: "People have just assumed that because it comes with calories and it's typically eaten as a sweet, therefore it would inherently have been, one way, bad".

So there you have it girls: eating chocolate can help you stay thin, apparently!

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