Work Break : Another Internet Place That's Worth A Visit

5:46 AM

If you're like me, and chances are you are, a work's day can get quite pointless by half of the time you'd suppose to spend working at your desk. My creativity and drive are gone and when I check out the time and I see I have another 4 to 6 hours of dying on my keyboard looking for the right words, I feel I'm about to lose my sanity.

So, when those times come I meditate on "serenity now" and just leave everything and go enjoy an online experience of complete non-sense. That is non-sense compared to whatever my task would be. If the non-sense is interesting enough I usually spend several minutes (half an hour). Now, this is the latest internet place that's worth a visit, from my point of view at least.

By the way if you like to blow bubbles then this is going to be right up your alley. I give you the Blowing Bubbles In The Sky by Coca-Cola. Enjoy!

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