Jersey Shore’s Once Curvy Girl Deena Cortese Lost Weight With The Fresh Diet – [News 26.04]

2:06 PM

It’s not that easy to lose weight, especially when you’re the sort of person with a very hectic schedule. Counting calories and then preparing your meals can waste a lot of the time you might not have to spare. Deena Cortese, once Jersey Shore’s curvy girl, lost considerable weight using the Fresh Diet, a program that cares about your weight and time.

Fresh Diet is a program that makes home deliveries of fresh cooked meals that deliver the exact amount of calories you’d normally need. Deena Cortese is now on a 1200 to 1400 calories a day plan and is quite happy with the results. Snooki watch out, you’re not the only skinny girl on the show. Deena Cortese is smoking hot!

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