Lindsay Lohan Plays Liz Taylor In Biopic – [News 24.04]

1:20 PM

Finally, a movie that will allow Lindsay Lohan to truly show her colors. It became official that Lindsay Lohan will play Liz Taylor in the biopic about her love story with actor Richard Burton.

The part will fit Lindsay Lohan like a glove. Producer Larry Thompson said that Lindsay has been the choice from the beginning. “We have wanted Lindsay from day one. She had a lot in her life that was going on. We needed to give her time to take care of her business, and while we negotiated the deal for her we prayed for her”.

The flick focuses on Elizabeth Taylor’s love story with Richard Burton. Their ups and downs, their ever ongoing relationship have truly impacted Liz Taylor’s performance as an actress. It was during that time that Elizabeth let loose the awesomeness in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

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