News 06.04.2012- Looking For A Misplaced Lottery Ticket Worth $656 Millions

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Who hasn’t dreamt at least once about winning the U.S. Mega Millions lottery pot? How many of you haven’t spent at least several bucks hoping yours will be the winning ticket? How many times did you worry you’ve misplaced a potentially winning lottery ticket?

Well, it seems that one lucky / unlucky Mega Millions winner has managed to misplace a lottery ticket worth $656 millions. Mirlande Wilson, mother of seven, is part of the three self proclaimed winners of the $656 million lottery pot. So far, none of them have come forward to claim their staggering prize.

The story of the misplaced lottery ticket is both confusing, maybe even frustrating and a little bit suspicious if you ask me. Just remember that Mirlande Wilson was reportedly in charge of the lottery pool of a McDonald Maryland restaurant staff. However the woman claims the winning lottery ticket was bought separately from that one, and thus sharing is out of the question.

Originally, Mirlande said she was keeping the winning lottery ticket hidden at the McDonald’s she is working at, but when reporters asked her once again about it this Thursday, the answer was surprising. Mirlande misplaced a lottery ticket worth $656 millions. Talk about bad luck or ingenuity?

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