Noah Wyle Arrested At Medicaid Protest – [News 24.04]

1:23 PM

More and more celebrities decide to have their track record spotted with an arrest to support a social cause. After George Clooney and his father made the headlines a few weeks ago for civil disobedience arrest, it is Noah Wyle’s turn to use the media coverage. However, even if Noah Wyle got arrested at Medicaid protest the media coverage wasn’t exactly as high as expected.

The former ER star joined a Medicaid protest on the Capitol Hill earlier this week on the behalf of the Americans Disabled for Access to Public Transit. The actor released the following statement before the arrest:

“Today, I took part in an effort by Adapt to bring attention to the Medicaid cuts that have been made by many States and are threatened to be made on a Federal level. This issue is about Civil Rights, not about medicine”.

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