Robin Gibb In Coma [News 15.04]

1:37 PM

Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb is in coma and many fear he has just a few days to live. Reports say that Robin Gibb is in coma at a London hospital under medical supervision and accompanied by his family and friends who are praying for his survival.

The singer’s father, Robin-John Gibb said that Robin Gibb is in “hospital, he’s fighting infection and of course – as a lot of people who have family members or friends who endure cancer, they know – there are a lot of periphery problems afterwards they have to deal with”.

Robin Gibb had a surgery last October to solve a twisted bowel issue, a hereditary intestinal condition that took his brother’s life. The procedure was successful, but apparently doctors might have found another tumour. Unfortunately, since last year’s October Gibb’s health problems have intensified. 

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