Cure Your Hangover The Scientific Way

3:16 AM

Don't end up like them this weekend!

The weekend is so close most of you can already taste that bitter Sunday afternoon hangover. Getting rid of it is harder than imagined, and oftentimes is strong enough to get you swear off drinking forever (until next time).

But good news, scientists have put together a scientific cure for your hangover. The Inquisitr writes that Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Medlock have the secret to curing your hangover.

So, here's what you do :

1.) Before you start drinking, eat a lot of fatty foods and carbohydrates.
2.) Drink lots of water. Before, during, and after you consume alcohol.
3.) Choose light color liquors.
4.) If you’re drinking beer, drink it before liquor.
5.) Use aspirin not Tylenol.
6.) Have a breakfast of eggs, bananas, and fruit juice in the morning.

Honestly, it's not exactly a brainer. Anyway, here's Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Medlock's YouTube video on how to cure your hangover the scientific way.

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