Madonna flashes breast and strips in Istanbul - [News 11.06.2012]

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Madonna is known as quite a serious performer. Her shows are to die for and always professional. However, it's hard to say what went through Madonna's thoughts in Istanbul, when she flashed her right breast and stripped off some her clothes during the concert.

See photo and video here

She was in Istanbul these days, as part of her ninth world tour, MDNA. Perhaps the 53-year-old thought it's high time to take all the media focus and give fans something to hope for at her next gigs. She was singing "Human Nature" and obviously, fans were not expecting to be flashed by Madonna. At least they got to see one "Human Nature" performance they will not forget about too soon.

Madonna started to undress herself without much thought. Her white shirt fell, and revealed her black lace bra. Originally she thought about taking it off completely, but decided one boob is enough. In a second, Madonna pulled her right breast out and seemed to want to continue her stripping by unzipping her pants. As she turned her back to the crowd she flaunted a smile and showed the message on her back. "No fear" read her temporary back tattoo.

Now obviously some are going to say she did it only for the attention. The truth is that she made it clear she was against doing such things to promote herself back in February. "You don’t have to show your nipples to be interesting, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re cutting-edge if you do", the 53-year-old wise woman said back then, but it looks like the rebel diva won that argument.

Here is a video of Madonna's Istanbul Human Nature performance, breast flash and striptease act:

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