Beauty & Style: The right body type for empire waist wedding dresses

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When you are planning your dream wedding, the right bridal gown is the best and most essential part. There are a lot of things that go into selecting the perfect wedding dress but your body type should come first before trends. Remember that your wedding dress should highlight your natural beauty and silhouette.

Before losing your temper while going through multiple wedding dresses, remember there's a bridal gown out there for every body type. So check for yourself, online or with a stylist, and once you got your homework all done, enjoy a happy day shopping for wedding dresses.

Let's say you have a thing for empire waist wedding dresses and you can't wait to try several gowns. To avoid a potential meltdown make sure you have the right body type. It takes a brief Google search, much like the one that got you to this post.

For instance an empire waist wedding dress won't do much for a skinny woman, but it will be a great choice for women with a thick waist. For women who are trying to create the illusion of a lean, tall figure, an empire-waist bridal gown is the way to go. Women with this type of body should avoid the temptation of a princess or basque waist wedding gown.

The empire-waist wedding dress is a great choice if you're not looking forward to being strapped into a clingy gown for almost 24 hours. There are several variations strapless or not, V - cleavage etc. Empire-waist wedding dresses are easy to recognize since they have a high waistline that starts right under the bust.

Short women should also consider empire waist wedding dresses since these give the illusion of a taller and longer figure. Avoid long sleeves and horizontal lines if you're short. A strapless empire waist wedding dress is a great choice for short women.

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