Beauty & Style: Wedding dresses for short women

2:24 PM

Finding the right wedding dress is hard enough even for a woman that doesn't have body. Seriously, tall women have it just as hard finding a dress that will match their body type. For anybody out there finding the right dress is a hassle if they don't undertake research before hitting the shops.

Petite women tend to have a hard time finding clothes that highlight their beauty. Finding wedding dresses for short women is even more challenging. But when you know what you should be looking for, finding a wedding dress for a petite woman will be more thrilling than anxious.

For petite women, trumpet wedding dresses are a great choice. So are sheath gowns or modified A-line dresses. The trick is to find a design that has a waistline above your actual waist. It creates the illusion of a longer body. For the most part simple wedding dresses work best, with a minimum of details.

Ball gowns are quite the best idea for short women. Oftentimes these dresses are just too voluminous, and it gives the impression you are drowning under waves of tulle and lace. However, you could pull a ball gown as a petite woman if you choose a design that accentuates the upper body, while the skirt is delicate and fluid, without being fluffy.


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