Celebrity News - Selena Gomez Has A Neck Tattoo

3:41 AM

There was once a time when only rock stars and rappers were getting visible tattoos. Teenage stars, if they did get ink art, they would keep it hidden. Now, young stars have an incredible influence with kids and parents of the 12 million Twitter fans Selena Gomez currently has might live to see that hands-on.

Anyway, to get back to the matter at hand. Selena Gomez has a neck tattoo, her second ever and her second in less than one year. To tell you the truth, I'm worried some of these young celebrities will run out of skin sooner than they'd imagine.

Selena Gomez's neck tattoo reads LXXVI in roman numerals or 76 and was made by NYC tattoo artist Bang Bang. He revealed for tabloid media Selena Gomez was pretty scared the tattoo would be painful and had one of her friends stand by her side and hold her hand. Bang Bang revealed the tattoo was meant for someone in Selena Gomez's family.

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