Fashion Spotlight: Shoe Designer Brian Atwood

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Elle Magazine says Brian Atwood is a kind of Tom Ford of the fashion industry. It was Debra Messing and her gladiator sandals she wore to the Screen Actors Guild Awards that made him famous. „I know she liked them because she bought them herself, at Neiman Marcus” the young shoe designer confessed about the 2001 red carpet appearance that made him a must on any stylist’s list.


Brian Atwood’s shoes are a power statement for any woman that loves being looked at. „She’s all about glamour. The B girl is cooler and edgier, a bit of a tomboy. She’s more Sartorialist than the red carpet. She wears a high heel, but she likes a boot she can run around town in, too” Brian Atwood said about the woman that is going to love his shoes.

 He is young and might already be a favorite shoe designer for the Hollywood superstars, but Brian Atwood isn’t all about shoes. In 2012, he launched his first handbag and jewelry collections, inspired by the iconic shape of the stiletto heel.

„I was inspired by the sexy shape of a stiletto heel – the same shape that is on the facade of my new store on Madison Avenue. It’s an iconic shape that I think makes the jewelry powerful yet still feminine” he told soon after the jewelry line launched.

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