Fashion - Zuhair Murad, haute couture spring 2013 collection

12:46 PM

 You've probably noticed by now that the most fabulous dresses on the red carpet are usually the work of Zuhair Murad. The haute couture spring 2013 collection by Zuhair Murad is surely going to be displayed more and more on the red carpet. Jennifer Lopez opened the air wearing a breathtaking nude and white lace embroidery dress at this year's Golden Globe Awards.

It's impossible for a woman to resist a gown created by Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad, particularly if we're talking about women that have curves to show off. The haute couture 2013 collection by Zuhair Murad features delicate fabrics, beaded coats, fur, feathers, intricate embellishments and the signature design.

"The Zuhair Murad woman is always very elegant, luxury, very sexy, very self confident" the designer explains. To picture that better just think Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez.

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