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2013 Inauguration ceremony - Michelle Obama looking stunning in a red velvet and chiffon dress by Jason Wu with highlight on a leaner waist, Jimmy Choo red shoes, Kimberly McDonald jewelry. We love the new bangs:)
There aren't many First Ladies that come to mind as easily as Jacqueline Kennedy, Betty Ford and Michelle Obama. She is already more famous than any other First Lady before and it's not just because she is the president's wife. Michelle Obama is one of the most elegant first ladies at the White House, only that she pushed the boundaries and updated the dress code to a much more lively status. 

Michelle Obama is by now a full-blown fashion icon and for the millions of women looking for style inspiration, she is an example. Michelle Obama is not a lean and starving woman. She has curves and a massive constitution but that doesn't seem the case when she uses fashion tricks to make her figure leaner and more feminine. Most of the dresses Michelle Obama wears have a special highlight on creating an accentuated waistline, whereas the one shoulder models make her a lot more feminine and powerful. Just like a Greek goddess.

Michelle Obama wearing a dress that immediately become worldwide popular. Signed by designer Tracy Reese, the beautifully patterned, pink dress, was a spot of color at the National Democratic Convention last September. And let's not forget the rhubarb suede shoes by J. Crew Everly.

It's the night Obama won the presidency of the US a second time and Michelle Obama chose a brocade dress that might look so common if it weren't for the beautiful colors and light effects of the fabric.

Michael Kors is one of Michelle Obama's favorite fashion designers. In fact she liked this one shoulder black dress by Michael Kors that she wore it twice. Tabloid media obviously had a lot to argue about that, but Michelle Obama scored a lot of popularity points for recycling, just like so many other mortal women.

It is 2009 inauguration ceremony and Michelle Obama made a spectacular appearance in a one shoulder strap, white chiffon dress with beads by Jason Wu

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