Wedding Theme Challenge: Black, Red and White!

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Black, red and white wedding no. 1: Red roses in black vases, black glasses, plates and table sitting frames, white table clothes, black chairs and rose petals for contrast on the table (detail)

 I bet you thought picking your wedding dress was a challenge... but now you're dealing with this whole new nightmare: picking your wedding theme and making sure everything fits right in. It's not going to be easy, but then again what is easy when it comes to achieving perfection? :)

For those of you who decided their wedding colors are black, red and white we browsed the web and found a few inspirations for you. They mix everything in a wedding to give you a great start at decorating your own amazing wedding. Make sure you play with your textures, hues and elements to achieve a black, red and white wedding brides-to-be worldwide will fall in love with.

No. 1 - It really came together, hasn't it?

Black, red and white wedding: make it all about the desert!

Black, red and white wedding: the favors need the same color treatment.

Black, red and white wedding no. 2: tall black vases with red roses, grey, white and black table wear, black napkins, silver supports for the white candles and miniature floral arrangements with black vases and red roses. It's a great theme and decor choice for a restaurant wedding.

Black, red and white wedding no. 3: white medium tall vases with red tulips and white and red poppy, black plates, white, grey and black table wear with red sitting cards and white chairs. It's a gorgeous choice for an outdoor wedding!
Black, red and white wedding no. 4: Black table wear with black and white chairs, red napkins, big red glasses, massive floral arrangements with gues of green and red and small red candles.
Black, red and white no. 5: here's another one where black is the main color. The table wear is black, plates are white, napkins are pink red, glasses are crystal and chairs are black and white.
Black, red and white wedding no. 6: if minimal is your style, then this fits right in. It's a beautiful mix of black and white with red accents that make it all the more festive. The table cloth is black with a white line on the middle, decorated with red rose petals, massive silver supports for the red candles and delicate red flowers. The plates are white, black and white again, whereas napkins are either white or red and arranged to look like roses. A gorgeous idea for an intimate wedding!
And finally for the wedding picture, there's nothing like having your guests wearing a red and black dress code. It will make you pop, and that's exactly what you want right?
Unfortunately for many of these beautiful wedding ideas I don't know the source but I'd love to credit them so if you know who the photographer is or where these pictures were first published please let us know via email at, via comment or write us on our Facebook page available at this link.

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