2014 Colors in Fashion, as seen at Valentin Yudashkin RTW Spring 2014 collection

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Valentin Yudashkin might not be a name as popular as Ulyana Sergeenko, but it is one of the finest Russia features, not to mention it's a renowned name when it comes to flashy fashion that still manages to look and feel refined. Well at least most of them. So how extravagant is the Yudashkin RTW Spring 2014 collection? It's all about extravagant long dresses, metallic fabrics and lots of sparkle.

Styles were nonetheless flashy, even when it comes to the white ones which were eye-catching without much effort. Then there's the invasion of intense blue and yellow styles, sensual cuts, see-through details and cutouts that contrast so perfectly with the elegance and simplicity of the makeup and hairstyle chosen for the collection. Oh, but I should forget to mention the shoulder pads. The flashiest thing in the 80s fashion which seems to have been a major inspiration in the Valentin Yudashkin RTW spring 2014 collection. Well, right after the gold accents.

For a lot of people, Yudashkin styles are just too much and the 80s touch in this 2014 Spring collection is definitely the drop that spilled the cup. I however appreciated the sensual design of the silk based styles and since I love beaded embroidery, gold accents and sequin dresses the Yudashkin RTW Spring 2014 still is a trendsetter in evening wear.

You can check out this post for the individual styles.

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