Daily Finds: the Perfect Winter Dress (part 1)

12:47 PM

Black Deep V-neck Sleeveless Wool-blend Flare Dress

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 If for the first days of winter I'm having a hard time going for dresses, it doesn't take long before I get fed up with jeans and all kinds of pants and I begin to wish for the perfect winter dress. One that's chic, one that's stylish and one that's going to keep me warm. And here's one of my recent finds, one of the perfect winter dresses, at least for this season. I'm thinking I'd wear this with a scarf instead of a halter top... I hate halter tops, but then that's just me. I've got some lace left over from one of my projects, just enough to make me a round-neck lace top. And I've got just the right shade of red lipstick to match all of it.

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