On the Internet today: Lady Gaga Wears a Christmas Tree Hat and Is Gifted a Shoe

7:27 AM

Not my ordinary post, but seriously, I couldn't resist. She's made me smile just like when I see a pic of one of my friends pulling a funny and weird stunt. Seriously, Lady Gaga is wearing a Christmas tree hat with decorations, natural branches and a star at the tip and a red dress. It looks like she's the gift under the tree this year. And as it happens, Gaga found the perfect accessory, well one that totally matches her odd costumes.

I read the story on Reddit (Lady gaga dressed as Christmas tree stealing shoe from fat man). It seems a paparazzi had thrown his own Nike shoe in her way. It wasn't much of an obstacle or a disturbance. In fact Gaga seems happy of her new accessory; perhaps it started a brainstorming for one of her fabulous costumes. Which is even weirder when you notice the paparazzi missing a shoe is in the background with quite the intense face.

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