Pantene Ad Uses Study to Pitch their Product: 70% of Men Think Successful Women are vain and pushy

7:41 AM

Pantene launched a new ad for their product and used an interesting study by Harvard Business School on successful women being perceived differently from successful men. The conclusion: 70% of men think that women are pushy, vain and selfish.  

Students at the Harvard Business School were given a case assignment on a successful, real-life businesswoman in Silicon Valley named Heidi. Some in the group however received the same case but on on a successful man in Silicon Valley named Howard. Both were doing the same job, had the same habits and pleasures and were deemed by students to be equally competent, but they liked the businessman better, while the real-life businesswoman was perceived as being pushy and bossy a boss, vain as a woman or selfish in her private life.

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