Time Men Try out the Victoria's Secret Angels' Body Tonifying Workout

7:04 AM

So be honest! How many times have you asked yourself what in God's good name are those Victoria's Secret Angels doing to have such a notified body, even after birth, even after a certain birthday anniversary?... And it seems it's not just as girls being puzzled by that... The guys at Time gave Victoria's Secret Angels workout a try.

They asked Aerospace High Performance Center's Michael Olajide Jr., one of the to-go guys for some of the most famous angels at Victoria's Secret, to give them a training session. It wasn't at all as easy as they thought. So watch the video of the Time Victoria's Secret workout session and tell me what you think.
Sure, there's a lot to say about the workouts and diets Victoria's Secret models have to take on to keep the industry standard. Don't worry, they're not the standard in beauty however. So accept yourself as you are, because a happy woman is ALWAYS irresistible!

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