These 4 Barbie Dolls Will Make You Love Mad Men a Little Bit Less

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Mad Men Barbie Dolls
Mad Men's Joan, Roger, Don and Betty got Barbie dolls

These Barbie dolls might not be actual copies of the Mad Men cast, but since we're preparing to end our love connection with this TV series, everything helps make the separation easier. These Mad Men Barbie dolls were first released to the market back in 2010 as part of the Mattel fashion-model collection. While everybody could easily see there's not too much of a resemblance between the actual characters, Stephanie Cota, senior vice president for Barbie at Mattel believes "the a great job of embodying the series. Certain things are appropriate and certain things aren't". Unfortunately, Mattel didn't even take into consideration the gorgeous head-turning hourglass shape of Joan.

Mad Men Barbie Dolls
Betty Draper the Barbie Doll
Mad Men Barbie Dolls
Don Draper the Barbie Doll

Mad Men Barbie Dolls
Joan Holloway the Barbie Doll

Mad Men Barbie Dolls
Roger Sterling the Barbie Doll

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