In Love with Golden Accents? These Ideas Will Make Your Wedding Super Glamorous

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Golden sequin evening dress with bridal veil for a glamorous bride
I just love this color combination! So boho chic!

All brides dream of a unique wedding and a look that's bound to remain unforgettable. Don't worry, for the people who love you, seeing you a bride remains forever in their memory as a cherished moment. But, let's face it, that's not enough and with all the pressure the industry puts on future brides, having a unique wedding is the new rule of thumb. For the bride that doesn't do conventional and traditional, golden accents make for a gorgeous touch. From wedding dress to cake and boutonnieres, these golden details will make your wedding super glamorous.

Golden tiered wedding cake
How beautiful is this? Luxury all the way!

Golden paper rose bouquet for your fabulous wedding
Golden paper rose bouquet for your fabulous wedding

Golden sequined evening gown
How about this fabulous sequined gown for your pre-wedding photo shot? I'd say engagement perfection!

Fantasy wedding bouquet with golden flower
Just enough statement in this wedding bouquet to make your look unique

Glittered white feathers wedding favors
I would give these as wedding favors. They look fabulous!

Wedding Tiered Cake with golden accents
This tiered cake looks amazing and it is definitely going to steal the spotlight!

Golden Paper Leaf Wedding Invitation
I just love the cutout details on the invitation above. Golden and dark blue for a perfectly elegant occasion.

Luxury Designer Ball Wedding Dress White with Golden
Who says golden can't look gorgeous on your wedding gown? This dress is fabulous!

Golden Sequined Bridesmaids Evening Gown
Your bridesmaids are going to love their sequined evening gowns. Keep it simple though, sequins are glamorous enough!

Golden Natural Wedding Boutonniere
This wedding boutonniere is perfect for a winter wedding. Loving the simplicity & glamour!

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